Monday, February 23, 2009

The Day Without Technology...

I am certain at this point that the very thought of being separated from your ______(pick tech of choice and insert) totally freaks some of you out while for others, this will be a piece of cake. To be honest, as a 21st Century man, I find The Day Without Technology totally annoying. I love tech, pure and simple. Take for example the use of this particular site. When I use it, I feel empowered, juiced up and ready to rumble. I know on one hand that people will come to the site and see the work and know that I am more than capable of handling myself when it comes to using and adapting new technology to the classroom. It's an ego stroke. On the other hand, I also know the joy that I find when I do things that are technical, but not technological; like playing music with my kids or writing a really good short story. It's a technical feat, but one that can be accomplished without the use of buttons or a computer.
In spite of the annoyance, I really do believe that Ray (Bradbury) was right all along. That in order to grow we need good soil(books), sunshine(friends/family), and water(Love). The Day Without Technology is just that, a conviently placed excuse to get unplugged from the stuff around us and a means to get back to what we need, each other and no time limit. Plan your day in advanced, work out where to go and who to see and what to do. Most important, take notes on everythting that transpires and then REFLECT...!


Fahrenheit 451 Qnotes.

Hey, sorry that this is so late in posting... Three day weekends have the tendency to be a bit self-indulgent :) Any how, what I was thinking would be good to do would be the obvious continual update from class discussion, but what about this...IF YOU POST A COMMENT IN THE FORM OF A QNOTE OR GET A DISCUSSION THREAD GOING ON ONE OF THE QNOTE QUESTIONS...EXTRA CREDIT TO ALL THOSE INVOVLED. IT HAS TO BE A GOOD QUESTION/DISCUSSION NOT SOMETHING THAT YOU JUST FAKED UP FOR THE CREDIT. Any hoooo, what say you!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

To Kill a Mockingbird

All of the Q'Notes for TKAM will be updated at this site. Check back periodically for new info.


Poetic Forms

Everything that you need for Poetic Forms...

Mr. P

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ballads and other things that sing...

I just wanted to give you the info on the Ballad and what the confines are for creating them. Granted, consider that the rules are a generalized framework and not as strict as the rules imply. The Ballad has more wiggle room for imagination than the sonnet. Any how, if you are still struggling with the idea of the ballad, write a ballad about a story or film that you are very familiar with. Use 5 significant events in the story to be the basis for the ballad...really it is just like using a plot line. Reading day on Friday with final drafts due on Tuesday.