Tuesday, April 21, 2009

End Game: Science Fictions Alternate Realities

Enders Game is a "gateway" book into Science Fiction. I hate to admit this, but the book sat on my self for almost half of the school year before I begrudgingly picked it up. You see, a student brought the book to me as a "must read" book. The student however, was a very persistant fellow and I eventually took the book home over an extended weekend to read. Best decsion that I have made in a long time. Orson Scott Card's universe of a distant earth is familiar, much like those universe's that I fell in love with as a child (Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Tron). Though Card's world is seen from the eyes of his young brilliant protagonist, Ender Wiggin. It is argued that he is the perfect character to hate and forgive all at the sametime, a walking oxymoron. As a reader, it is easy to simpathize with Ender, what kid has been the butt end of jokes and made to feel insignificant in a world of unfair rules and baised adult opinions. Ender straddles this dual world of unspoken rules amongest kids and the outward rules of the Battle School where he trains to possibly become the greatest General the world has ever seen. As we read through, we will be having much discussion of Ender's situation through several weekly themes. check out the Power point to get a feel for each day.