Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Once upon a time...

Hey! It finally feels like we are under way with our first BIG writing assignment. The Children's Story always thrills and surprises me. I forget how much the books of our youth help impact and shape our ideas of who we become. Granted, much goes into the making of a "person" at any given stage of their life, but I find some great pleasure in knowing the things that I held as important as a child (teamwork is important Mr. Biddle and the Birds, you should try new food Green Eggs and Ham, It is always best to share what you love The Giving Tree), are still important to me today. The Children's Story will hopefully give you the opportunity to share some of these important ideas in a very unique format. I have posted the ground rules here, any adjustments will of course follow if necessary!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

It be Talk like a Pirate Day on Saturday! ARGHHH!...

Some several years ago I had the distinct good fortune to stumble a little known "holiday", Talk like a Pirate Day. A local radio program was sponsering the days give aways with Piratey Talkin's. Callers would call in and do their best Pirate talk in order to win prizes. It was hillarious! I assumed that it was also a bogus holiday, much like Ground Hog Day or Valentine's Day. You know the type of holiday that I am refering to, one that essentially is only marked on Hallmark calenders. I got to work, fliped on my computer to get the days events laid out, and Shiver me Timbers, if Talk like a Pirate Day wasn't in the news! Apparently two louts made the day some several years before after a raquetball accident where one of the whelps cried "Arrrr" upon being unkindly struck by an errant rubber ball. It caught on and has taken on a whole life of its own. Humor coulmunist and author Dave Barry has even picked up the lads quest to bring Pirate Talk to the world on Sept. 19th every year! This year, Talk like a Pirate Day falls on a Saturday so we won't be able to experience it as a class, though, true to Piratey form, we will break the Sept. 19th rules and carry out Talk like a Pirate Day on Sept 18th. You might be wondering..."what does this have to do with English Mr. Perez?", to that I say that ye may consider yerself a Privateer in the Queens Royal Navy if it do help ye sleep better at night...So, without further Aideu, ...AVAST THERE ME HEARTY'S! THIS FLOATING BUCKET HAS BUT ONE CAPN, RED CISCO DOUBLOON, AND IF YE RIDE WITH ME, WE FLY UNDER THE SKULL AND BONES AND KEEP TO THE CODE! NOW HOIST THE MAIN LINES AND PREPARE YERSELVES FOR DEEP WATER! YARGHHHHH!
Red Cisco (Mr. P!)

Plot and Structure...

Certainly up to this point, the curriculum has been very agreeable in my opinion. We about to turn a corner folks. This weeks focus in on Plot and Structure in Story Creation. We have all created out beginning/middle/and end, only to have them mixed up and handed back out (sorry!!!!hahahahaha). Use your accquired skills to make this story happen. Imagination will rule the day on this one. Share your story ideas with others and ask for insight if you feel you need to. You can do it!


Friday, September 11, 2009

The Crucible

Honestly, who doesn't love a village idiot!...


Upright and Mobile....

Computers are a love hate relationship. If you are anything like me, you have grown to appreciate the convience with which most business is done; online. Everything from paying bills to (you guessed it!) updating a blog with important information can be done with a few simple key strokes. This being said, you can only imagine the level of dysutopian horror that I experienced about a week ago when my modem died on me. Funny how that term that was once exclusively used to describe human expiration is now lovingly applied to computers, cars, anything that plugs in or runs on batteries. Well, long story short, I managed to get a new modem for dirt cheap (Yea Me!)so you should be hearing from me more frequently now that all of my gear works. Thanks for being patient!