Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Map to Anywhere...

Directions for the Creative Writing Assignment!
Have fun!


The Analytical Paragraph meets Little Red Riding Hood!

The question that was used had to do with "What is a key theme in the story of Little Red Riding Hood?"


Friday, August 21, 2009

Native American Short Answer Response

Here is a sample of what your short answer responses should look like. Remember to rephrase the question as your topic sentence, provide an opinion, and then support your idea with concrete evidence using the page # to support! It sounds complex, but really it isn't. Check the model here if you need it.


The elusive North-American Jackalope...

Hey kids! Time to to petition for the pet that you always wanted but were too afraid to ask for. Elephants? No Problem! Sharks? No Problem! Lions, Tigers, and Bears. Oh my! Amaze and astound me with your newest pet.


The House on Mango Street Q's

I will be adding Q's for each new section for those of you who have access to the book outside of school. Remember! Rephrased Question as Topic Sentence, Opinion on the topice, and Concrete Evidence with page # support. The Sample Question is posted also so you have a working model.


Short Story Notes...all of them

Short Story notes, including the ones that we haven't done yet!


Saturday, August 15, 2009

Week 1: Gettin to know ya...

The insanity of the first week of school never ceases to amaze me. Honestly, it was really pretty low key, but I felt horribly inadequate at moments. The classes were fantastic, but I was really scrambling in spite of knowing the material inside and out. Reflecting on it now has really helped me see that I need to give myself a few days to warm-up to the idea of coming back to school. This is where the, "it's like riding a bike!" simile really fits. The kids helped put me at ease in my own classroom by just being o.k. with being at school. Starting on a Tuesday and throwing in a minimum day in on Thursday didn't hurt to much either. With the first week under my belt it is time to set sights on other challenges, like keeping up with the online calendar! That is going to have to be a weekly update so that I can keep the thing accurate. I guess that in closing for this first short update for the new school year I just want to say thanks to my classes for being patient and helping me out the first week of school. Here's to a new year!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Metaphorically speaking ...

Hey class, here is your very first writing assignment of the semester. I wanted you to create 7 original metaphors and 7 original similes, then explain the rational behind the comparison. Have fun and bring them to class on Friday.