Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ello poppet....

Well, school is underway and I am already swamped with papers. I am literally taking "time to write" out of my "time to grade" schedule. That in and of itself is not so amazing really. Grading is really pretty tough to do, especially when it is essay work. I am not one of those, slap a grade on it fellows and keep on truckin' into the next assignment. I like to leave commentaries, even though I know that a good portion of students don't/won't read them. If you are reading this and think, "Wait! That's not me. I kinda like the commentaries..." Thanks for the vote of confidence! Everyone else, you need to get on board with the program.
Anyhoo...the begining of school signifies my favorite times of the year, Fall! The leaves and the weather, and ohhhhhh the pretty colorssss... Yeah Fall is pretty great. As a kid it meant a great layout of awesome holidays back to back to back to back: Halloween to My Birthday to Thanksgiving to Christmas. My father-in-law takes the month to celebrate his birthday with the same furvor! He calls it "Johnny-Gra" and I like the idea though "Chris-Gra" sounds lame... Free sticker to anyone of my students who guess my Birthday!
My family and I recently went on an overnight excursion to the Montery Bay Aquarium I was able to get some neat footage of the shark exhibit that they have. I could have sat in front of that tank all day. It is two stories tall and full of the freakiest and most dangerous fish in the ocean. The Montery Aquarium has the only Great White Shark in captivity. It is still a baby at 4 1/2 feet long. Yikes and Zoinks Shagg! Click the film to check it out! Check back soon to see what stuff we are up to in class!

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