Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Guerilla Poetry Project: Oakdale High School

The Guerrilla Poetry Project was something that I fortunately stumbled upon a few years back. I was looking for a dynamic way to integrate poetry into what my Creative Writing classes were doing. If you know me, then you know my dilemma. Poetry, while wonderful, must be made with a careful hand and be full of intent. I see it as the best words for the best possible moment. That is a tough spot to be in when what most of what the world hands you is the cliche, not the original. There is no greater slap in the face to poetry than the stuff of greeting cards in my estimation.
The Guerrilla Poetry Project is a call to all concerned writers, artists, and like-minded individuals to take the word back to the people. It is inspired through a very public and overt outreach program of insidiously leaving poetry everywhere possible. I liked the idea, the movement of how what inspires us, be it the famous well known or the unknown, can be lain out for the public eye, not seeking its approval or requiring its acceptance, but existing in its own space and hopefully inspiring others.
The Chalking(verb!) is what most of the students like to do. Somehow it feels a bit like graffiti, but with a safety net of sorts. You get to play with all of these lovely chalk colors and create/share a brief space of hopeful wisdom with whatever passers-by happens along. Who you are doesn't matter, what you say/write does! The kids know this and certainly the readers do as well.
If you liked what you read today or found one of our inserts, please come and drop us a line about what you think. Include the poem number so we will know whose work you found. Thanks so much!

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