Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Guerrilla Poetry...not Gorilla Poetry...Jeezsh!

Spring always brings with it the sensation of new things just on the horizon.  I have been gearing up for the Guerrilla poetry event that will be coming to the school after the break.  I found this wonderful poet, Kate Tempest.  Her stuff is really moving and amazing.  For the longest time I have believed that poetry, real poetry was about the best possible words at the best possible time.  Hearing poets like Richard Roberts, Kate Tempest, or Peter Neverland remind me that this is still very true.  There are some moments and ideas that are best expressed and shared through the spoken word, to do any less with them belittles the idea's that go into them and surround them.  Richard Robert's The Word is a great example of how we as creative people struggle and wrangle the right word from the experience and it still is not the actual moment of parallel, it falls short.  The underlying goal of the Guerrilla Poetry Project is to bring poetry back to it's roots, not in some stuffy classroom, but in the hands of people, everyday people.  Kate Tempest poem Teen Speech is a great example of the "shared experience", one of being a teenager and the perception of what it means.

Adding to this is Peter Nevland's "No One Told Me".  This guy is so awesomely dynamic and not what you would expect.


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