Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Suuuuhhh-Mmmmahhh!

Well, it's finally here and not a moment too soon!  Some how we all made it through Finals week and with one week under our belt I find myself being a bit worn down.  I did get some rest and  a bit of relief from having my wisdom tooth pulled (today!).  All that I will say is that I HATE going to the dentist and I left there with everybody as my best friend...minus a tooth...and remained that way for at least 2 more hours.  So, as I sit here in bed, watching Spider-Man with my two youngest daughters I have decided that this summer will be a (cue trumpets) SUMMER OF THE ARTS!  Yes boys and girls, Mr. P will be doing all of the following this summer:  Writing 2 books (one book and one kids book), Illustrating one of those books, playing in a mandolin and guitar in a band, and maybe even auditioning for a play!  Now, normally I would have been tormenting kids in summer school but alas, it is not to be.  So I will opt for the next best thing, tomenting my poor wife and children.  It's really not that bad, but I figure this stuff will keep me out of trouble and will help me work towards my goal of completing one of the two books that I wanted to write this year.  Oh, and check the book club blog site if you want to know what I have been reading this summer.  Time for me to sign off, I have to go drink my dinner!

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