Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wha.. Huh... Where did the year go?

Kinda funny how time gets away from you...I was just thinking of how long it had been since I last posted; my son's birthday party gave it away. Six month's doesn't feel like an exceptionally long time, but I suppose that it is.  Six months is half a year, and when I was 9 that felt like for ever.  Maybe something in my adult brain moves more quickly now.  My harried life of go, come, wait, drive, give, push and pull is so constant that I miss some of the details that kids observe without even trying.  It's as though I can't wait to get to the next thing because I know at the end of that long list of things is nothing that I have to do.  Kinda depressing, right!  Maybe.  I also know that my writing on this site is a means to stem that flow of information and the day rushing past me.  I find that in the middle of being busy, one of the kids might ask me to hangout with them (quite the honor actually!) or my oldest daughter might ask me to play some music with her (also an honor).  My adult brain tells me that I really should "be more responsible" or to "do things when you have more time".  I know that both of those are cop outs.  It's good to be reminded of this and that the worst day at play with one of my kids is always better than the best day of work in the "adult" world.
I was just inspired by Jeff Goins site on writing, an inspirational place for the would be author that I have become.  How is the book going you ask? Quite well incidentally.  Avalon and I have been trying to keep a ragged pace to complete the novel before June.  It's going to be close, but I think that we should be able to manage it.  The story has kept me up at night, trying to find ways to work out some of the more troubling details.  Science can be a pesky thing, especially when you are dealing with experimental stuff like time travel. Plausible goes a long way in fiction, that is for sure.

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