Tuesday, October 13, 2009

End of the First Quarter looms...

Hey all,
Just a note about the end of the first quarter. I would first like to congratulate all of you for surviving thus far. The first quarter is always the toughest in my opinnion. If things are panning out the way you planned, Great! Keep at it and don't let up until the Christmas break. If things are not going your way, Great! Now it's time to figure out what is "broken" and fix it! Don't blame your folks and don't blame yours truely. Man up. Most situations demand more time and attention than students sometimes want to give. If it doesn't come easy for you, don't feel badly, it doesn't come easy for most people. Here is my sure fire way to improve your grades, this isn't for everyone, only for those people who really do want to see a change...
1. Keep track of when all of your assignments are due in one notebook.
2. Have your parents hold you accountable for when your work is due.
3. Work smarter! Do you homework as soon as you get it.
4. Meet with your instructors once a week to chart your progress.
5. Do all of your work to the best of your ability. If you lack ability,check into the free tutor programs that our school offers.
6. Feed your body and mind healthier food. Fruits and Veggies for snacks!
7. Go to bed by 10:00. You won't miss anything...trust me on this one.
8. Make some friends who could help you study for quizzes and tests. It's a give and take on that one; you have to be open to the idea or it won't work.
9. If you have to do homework, block out time to work and time to space out. Doing it in intervals can really help. 3o min's on, 1o min's off.
10. If you can do it in advance,do it!

Once again, it's not an easy list but whoever said doing great things was easy? Make today the first day of doing it differently and in a way that is going to put you where you want to be. You determine your future, don't let others determine it for you. Let's Rock!

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