Monday, October 26, 2009

NaNo NaNo and other Nonsense...

Hello true believers!
October is laying it's tender russet and golden orange head to rest soon giving way to November, the second to the last and almost the best. November is always a juglling act for primarily due to one event, NaNo WriMo, the National Novel Writing Month. During this time, my Creative Writing students and I will undertake the gargantuan task of writing a novel in one month! Yeah, I said novel (50,000 words) in one month. While I cannot claim the luxery of reaching my 50,000 word goal, several of my students last year did and achieved something that a relatively small portion of the population has done; become novelists. Prior to NaNo, November was always about Turkey and my birthday. Now it has become about late night and weekend writing. The level of frustration is, quite frankly, off of the charts but the payoff is equally satisfying. This year I am knocking down 50,000 words, no apologee's and no prisoners taken!

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