Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily Log ala Mr. Perez...have a Double Rainbow Year!!!

The beginning of every year invariably brings with a good of anxiety, anxiety that we often wish we could alleviate and remove altogether.  For teachers, its no different.  I usually break out somewhere on my face, something that hasn't happened since high school.  Aside from the unsightly acne, there is always a good level of nervous energy.  We all want our classes to go well, to be as excited as we are about the coming year.  I told one of my classes that they need to take an active role in what goes on in class, that they were not just "empty containers to pour knowledge into".  The longer that I do this, the more I believe it.  Education is not for the weak willed, if you want to "know things" it is going to cost you something in return, be it your time, energy, and at the very least your ignorance.  I guess that at the very least I would hope to have things make more sense for you by the end of the school year than this guy..."what doessss it meeeeaaannn???"

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