Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Holy Smokes...blow the dust offa this puppy!

So here I am, back haunting this old site.  I really tried to avoid it for the most part, but...it's too hard to stay away!  NaNo WriMo started today, and since I am going to be a writing mess for the next thirty or so days (rewrites and edits don't count) I thought that it would be the perfect excuse to break back into daily journalism    by posting the happenings on the new novel that I am co-writing with my daughter.  The working title is called (drum roll..lbblblblblblblblblblblblb) The Timekeepers and it is something that we are both super excited about.  This is my fourth NaNo and my daughters second.  We both won last year, My first novel, The Arklight Compendium topped out at over 50,000 words with room for sequels and everything while my daughter (then in 6th grade) did a stunning 21,000 words in 30 days for her first novel, Alice of 1000 worlds!  Nothing to sneeze at and it's a pretty good book.
This years novel is coming along very well already.  We prepped the heck out of it, writing chapter summaries and character summary charts among other things.  It is fantastic Sci-Fi novel along the lines of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Warriors and the like.  I will be doing updates on a daily/semi-daily basis to just share how it is going and to more likely vent my frustrations out on the inter-webs. So for now know the basics...
Young protagonists Courtney and James Adams have their somewhat perfect and boring lives disrupted by a violent accident that takes the lives of their parents.  They are sent to live in foster care until the fateful day that they meet their estranged Uncle, Ezra Adams.  Ezra Adams takes on the responsibility of raising two very special young adults who come to find that they have power that most only dream of and that others will kill for.
 That's all for now, but thanks for sticking around.  More to follow
Resident Timekeeper,

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