Monday, November 24, 2008

The Magic 3 (a much belated post!)

O.K. When I orginally wrote this post, I was in between park time at Disneyland. I was unable to post because my laptop crapped out on me! Oh well. Here is where I have been, and the stuff after the elipise is how it all worked out for the week.

What a great day! We are all pretty tired. I have to carry a 5 or 7 year old to the car each night. They go until it is time to get on the tram but then, blamo, put a fork in 'em ladies and gentle...they are done! Seven year olds go "boneless" when they are asleep, and some how they seem to weigh a heck of alot more. Well, we spent today in the California Adventure section of Disneyland. We got on the new ride, "Toy Story Midway Mania". It is basically like a giant video game. Needless to say I really liked it and destroyed the scores of everyone else that came with us. I topped out at 174,000 points. Yeah video games and rollercoaster rides! Their combination is a fantastic pairing!...

All in all, our time in the Magic Kingdom was pretty fantastic. Are we tired? Absolutely. But a happy tired. Some of the highlights were seeing the nightly fireworks show on different nights from different places in the park...Riding the Haunted Mansion ride that gets redone for the holiday season as The Nightmare Before Christmas ride with Jack Skelingtons and all...Breakfast Churros...Finding "hidden Mickey's" on Pirates of the Carribean ride...getting to ride California Screaming, their boardwalk style rollercoaster, with my 7 year old Gabby. It was her first BIG coaster and she rode it several times, hands up, all the way...going into the park at night, in the rain when droves of people are leaving because of the rain...spending time with my wife and kids just playing and having fun...Seeing the castle all lit up with Christmas lights everywhere; all very cool things. The low lights on the other hand were all horribly annoying...Driving in the fog for 4 hours their...46 milies in 3 hours going over the grape vine...breaking our borrowed stroller before we ever got to the park...aches and pains of not being that young anymore...knowing that your children are getting further away from being children everyday. Yeah, with the good stuff comes a bit of seriousness too. So in retrospect, we had fun, Thanks Mickey & Walt!!!

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